Fard al-Ayn


Fardh is what we as muslims have to do, Obligations with no exceptions, these are words spoken by Prophet Muhammed (SAW), what he told us to do.


Another form of Fardh is Fard al-Kifaya. A fard which is not obligatory for every individual Muslim; when some Muslims fulfill it, others become exempt from it. If nobody fulfills it, then the whole community becomes responsible for it and everybody is regarded to have committed a sin; like performing the janazah prayer when a Muslim dies.


Some Fardh you can click on above....Beard, Behaviour etc. Most pronounced Fardh is Praying, fasting etc etc. But i want to make you know that these things are not the only fared we have to do. Many other things like mentioned above "beard" or " Behaviour" are is fardh because it differentiates us from the disbelievers and therefor give us the feeling of brotherhood. The feeling and beautiful act of saying Salam Oeikom Warahmatolah with a smile.

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